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In-mold matte jars

In-mold matte jars

As the demand for matte packaging has surged, we have innovated to meet this trend with our in-mold matte jar series, addressing the common challenges associated with achieving this design choice. Traditionally, achieving a matte finish on injected components required a secondary matte spray, a costly process that increases production lead times and involves additional chemicals.


Our in-mold matte jar series eliminates these issues by producing the matte finish direfctly in the mold. This approach allows us to avoid the complications of traditional methods while still meeting the design goals set by our customers.


This series is yet another example of how we help our customers develop cost-effective and beautiful packaging solutions.


Experience the superior matte finish for yourself—request samples today.


Jar Specs:

  • 30ml/ 50ml/ 100ml
  • Material - PP
  • In Mold Matte finish (jar and Lid)


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