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Custom Tooling 

Discover the journey from concept to the finished product. Our streamlined process is designed to simplify custom packaging development, guided by our team of packaging experts.

Design Process


Technical Drawings

3D Printed Samples

Tooling & Pre-production Samples

To initiate the process, we begin by understanding your objectives for the intended component. Our team conducts a thorough review of the aesthetics, branding, and functionality of the desired product. This initial step ensures a clear understanding of your goals, setting the foundation for a tailored and effective design approach.

After the guidelines have been set, the next step involves creating technical drawings. These detailed renderings meticulously display the component's profile, precise measurements, and material composition. This comprehensive file serves as a blueprint for the tooling process, ensuring accuracy and clarity in execution.

Following the approval of the technical drawings, our team proceeds to produce 3D printed samples. This crucial step enables you and your team to assess a tangible mock-up of the desired component, providing a hands-on preview before moving forward with the tooling process.

With the approval of the 3D printed sample, we initiate the tooling process. Once completed, we present the first shots from your new mold for your approval. These pre-production samples are adorned with your artwork, and the component color is precisely matched to the provided target. This marks the conclusive approval process, showcasing a decorated sample that represents the final appearance of your product. This sample will serve as the standard for the mass production phase.

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