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Biodegradable Resin

Biodegradable Resin

After years of development, we are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking Biodegradable Resin!


In collaboration with our domestic resin partner, we have successfully produced a truly biodegradable bottle. This resin has been created using primarily waste by-products. By transforming organic waste from agricultural or food residues through a dry-fermentation process, our partner has developed a biodegradable polymer known as polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs).


This material is designed to be compostable and biodegradable through microbial and enzymatic degradation in the disposal environment. It readily composts in municipal and industrial facilities, adhering to global standards such as EN 13432 (for Europe) and ASTM D6400 (for the USA).


Currently, our Biodegradable Resin is compatible with existing HDPE bottle molds. However, as this material is more sensitive compared to traditional fossil-based materials, we will conduct accelerated stability testing to ensure formula compatibility.


Contact our experienced team today to learn more about this truly unique material and discover the possibilities it holds for sustainable packaging solutions.



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