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Custom Tooling

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Design Process

Material options are limited to PET or HDPE, with a capacity range of 15-500ml. Before proceeding with tooling, mutual confirmation of unit pricing and design is required.


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Design Process

Blue Plastic Granules

Technical Drawings 

Engineered for biodegradability and compostability, our resins readily decompose in any setting.


This resin has been created using primarily waste by-products. By transforming organic waste from agricultural or food residues through a dry-fermentation process, our partner has developed a biodegradable polymer known as (PHAs).

Resin Partner

Drawing upon two decades of experience, our partner has successfully unearthed cutting-edge technologies and formulations. These achievements have been made possible through fruitful collaborations with cosmetic R&D centers, university labs, and design labs. This collaborative approach allows us to deliver outstanding products and solutions to our valued partners.

Lab Worker
Cosmetic Products_edited.jpg


Our bio resin seamlessly integrates with conventional plastic infrastructure. Presently, our biodegradable resin is compatible with existing HDPE bottle molds and film/bag applications.


This material designed to be home compostable/bio-degradable (microbial and enzymatic degradation) in the targeted disposal environment; it will compost in municipal/industrial facilities according to global standards like EN 13432 (for Europe) and ASTM D6400 (for the USA)

The grade offers a significant reduction in carbon footprint compared to fossil-based and other bio-based plastics

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